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If you need more space to accommodate a growing family, we will be happy to help you eke out more living space from your property. Building an extension can prove a much more cost-effective solution to your increased need for space than purchasing an entirely new property.

You also won’t have to endure the cost and inconvenience of relocation. And you won’t have to start a new life in new surroundings. Another benefit of extending your house is that it can add significantly to the value of your house, whether done separately or as part of more extensive home renos.

Cabcon Homes is a leader in home extensions and improvements in Hobart. For years homeowners in Hobart have come to us for different kinds of extension projects. Whether you need to add a single room to your heritage home or want an entire storey built over your house, we have the expertise to help you accomplish your vision.

We have helped homeowners in this locality to build multiple storey extensions to their homes. These have allowed them to maximize their living space without interfering with their landscaped gardens. They have also brought inhabitants the added benefit of views over their surroundings.

We pride ourselves in offering home extension solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Every homeowner has a different vision and budget for their extension project. This is why we take the time to listen to our clients before we enter the planning or design phases.

You can rely on us to take the hustle out of building an extension in terms of the actual construction process as well as obtaining the required local council approvals. Above all, you can trust us to complete the extension to the highest standards and without any compromise in quality.


Thinking about giving your beloved abode a burst of new energy? Or would you like to replace one of your home’s features that you have been doing perennial repairs on? We will be more than happy to help you restore your house to its former glory. From bathroom and laundry reno’s, new kitchens, or a complete full strip out and start again, our builders and designers can help  with the A-Z.

Executed thoughtfully, home renovations can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your property while adding immensely to its value.

From the initial site visit to the planning, designing and the actual implementation, we have the experience and skills to see your project through to your desired standards. Whether it’s the quick installation of a small feature or an entire home remodel, you can count on us to meet your expectations.

We have helped many Hobart homeowners give their homes a touch of contemporary flair with exposed aggregate decks, kitchen skylights and different types of external cladding. For those looking to enhance the country charm of their homes we have built antique brick fireplaces and installed stunning American joinery.

When it comes to kitchen renovations, there is a lot we can help you improve. We can replace your cabinets with modern ones that better fit into your prevailing theme or build a cute, practical kitchen island that maximises usage of the available space. You can even come up with an entirely new theme for your kitchen; we’ll help you bring it to life.

If your renovation projects will require reconfiguration of your electrical wiring or plumbing, you won’t need to call another contractor. We will take care of all the nitty-gritty. We will also help you secure all the required approvals from the local authorities so you can enjoy your newly redesigned home with peace of mind.

With Cabcon Homes, your trusted Builder in Hobart, you can expect top-notch workmanship, superior materials sourced from reliable suppliers, and outcomes that you’ll take pride in.

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